SCPOA Airport Information


Information regarding the CalTrans report.

As noted on the Home, and Committee pages the following files have to do with the recent CalTrans inspection of the airport.

The file below provides a four page information report regarding specifics to Swansboro Airport, 01CL


By clicking the radar icon, above, a web-page will open showing flights in the nearby area.  Note: not all aircraft will appear as that is dependent on their individual systems.     Click the FAA logo to be taken to the FAA website to enter a "N" registration number (the number found on the side of airplane fuselages) for information about a particular aircraft.

(FAA logo courtesy US DOT)

UAS or Drone Use

Safety, safety, safety - it is your responsibility.  Too much knowledge can often be a good thing, so to gain additional information regarding UAS/Drone use please click HERE to become familiar with all the information the FAA has. 

The Board has had reports of drone(s) being flown onto private property creating invasion of privacy situations.  As the Board cannot regulate who flies a drone, nor enforce privacy laws, it is up to the individual that has had this situation occur on their property to report it to the sheriff's department.  Sadly, you may have difficulty in finding out who the drone operator is, but it is up to you to provide any information you can to identify that individual.  Presently drones flown over private property that are recording video, photos, or audio constitute an invasion of privacy, which has been deemed a civil matter, not a criminal one.