Essential Information

This page is dedicated to keep members informed of events, programs, and actions occurring in the Community.  Please scroll down past the Important External Websites section for SCPOA downloads, such as documents, forms, and notices.  Board related materials (agendas, meetings, etc). may be found on the Board Information page.  Please note that some forms require Adobe Reader to open the .PDF file.  To download Adobe Reader, for free, please click HERE.

Fiscal Year 2020 / 2021


The 2020/2021 SCPOA Budget information shall be sent to all members soon.  As of now the 2019/2020 budget is available below.  Please note that your annual members dues has been decreased from $600 to $550 for the 2020/2021 fiscal year.

Links to SCPOA documents


Articles of incorporation

Articles of incorporation

Articles of incorporation



Articles of incorporation

Articles of incorporation

Click on a photo to go to its linked page.


Association Map

Articles of incorporation

Association Map

DC & Rs by unit number.  If you are not sure which Unit your property is in please use the link button "SCPOA UNITS MAP" above.

(Please note that there is no Unit 5.)

Board Resolutions since 1972

Click on the following link to access resolutions passed since 1972.  The index page lists resolutions by date, title, and provides a page number.  Adobe reader is required to view this document.  You can download it for free by clicking HERE.  For too many years the resolutions were unsorted, in no particular order, and finding a particular one was difficult.  Your Communication Committee hopes this new format will make it easier.



Roadside vegetation happens this Autumn

Roadside spraying as well as the runway's edges will be done on Wednesday, December 11th, and may change if high winds occur.  More information about the spraying program, locations, and opt-out forms are located below in the downloads section. 


Why pay more than you have to??? 

All regular annual assessments are due on the first day of March of each year. They are considered delinquent if not paid in full and received by mail within thirty days of the due date. Your SCPOA Board has adopted a policy of not adding a late fee for the first sixty days from the date they are due.

Any amount due, or partial amount still owed, becomes subject to late fees after the sixty-day period. You will also be sent a statement of account, with late fees posted and a statement of the possibility of a LIEN being recorded against your property if the account is not paid in full within an additional thirty-day period.

From there it only begins to add up, late fees, collection costs, liens, potential court action, and potential foreclosure. Don’t let this happen to you. Please submit your dues payment in a timely manner to avoid your paying more, and more, and…………………..

Parking on Streets and Shoulders

Please be aware that parking on the streets and roadway shoulders in Swansboro is restricted by county code. Abandoned vehicles or vehicles parked over three days may be towed by the El Dorado County Sheriff’s office.

Downloads 1-13

Downloads are updated or replaced as needed.  If you cannot find a document, form, newsletter, meeting minutes then please check availability by contacting The Management Trust.  You (SCPOA Members Only) may look for these items on their website as well.  Click HERE for their web portal.  You will need your The Management Trust account number and password for access.  If you have misplaced your log in information you must contact The Management Trust. Their information is located at the bottom of this page.

SCPOA Member Forms

Download one of the selections below, complete the form, and follow instructions at bottom of the form to submit.  All forms are initially processed by The Management Trust prior to submission to the SCPOA Board. Forms are required rather than verbal requests, this is required for our internal tracking processes.  Forms are also provided in a PDF format only.

 Your SCPOA Board requests anyone wishing to obtain current, or prior, financial information please use the Information Request Form and send it directly to the management company. 

Future Downloads

Files coming soon.