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On Thursday, January 9th, we heard Mark Egbert, of the Resource Conservation District, provide an update on the shaded fire fuels reduction  project.  

Contractors who will be doing the fuel reduction have submitted their bids.  A formal contract will be entered into on January 28th.

Once the contract is accepted, and final, the next step is for the contractor to begin work.  This is expected to begin in early February.

It was noted that some property owners who are scheduled to have work done have yet to finalize their right of entry forms.  Mr. Egbert and his team are attempting to have all parcel owners complete the form, otherwise those parcels will not enjoy the benefit of fire safety.

During this week and possibly next The RCD team will be surveying work area boundaries and marking the same with pink and blue ribbon.



The photo above is an asset that SCPOA members have asked for many years.  As you probably know the roads in the area are only plowed along Rock Creek Road and a portion of Mosquito Road.  For several years members asked previous boards for a plow and your 2019 board finally agreed.  The above is a photo.  It will attach to the association's dump truck and our maintenance manager, Kevin, will handle the duty of plowing our association maintained roads.  The plow has its own light bar, vertical lift, and can pivot right to left from the in cab controls of the truck.

Now we only need some snow!

SCPOA Newsletters for 2019 - 2020

At the June 21, 2018 Open Board Meeting the Board carried a motion to begin publishing a monthly newsletter.  The newsletter will be published approximately mid-month.  Electronic editions, such as those found below, require Adobe Reader to open and read.  Adobe can be downloaded for free by clicking HERE.  Additionally, for those members who do not, or cannot, receive things electronically there is a flyer box located at Dyer Lake Hall, 6770 Sluice Street, where a printed copy of the most current newsletter can be obtained.



Roadside Vegetation Spraying 2019


Roadside weed spraying for 2019 has concluded and will occur again in spring of 2020.  Notice will be provided as the time draws closer. To opt out of future spraying go to the "Essentials" page to obtain the form and also read the Policy of Roadside Vegetation Abatement policy which also indicates what you need to do at your property to opt out.  The opt out form and marking of your property is mandatory.  

Airport Information


In late 2018 CalTrans presented the association with a safety report regarding the runway. Copies of the CalTrans report, SCPOA's letter to residents, and response to CalTrans can be found by clicking HERE.  Last report from the airport committee is that nine residents, with property at or near the runway, have yet to respond and it is now 2020.  Also, to ensure SCPOA's resident pilots, that use an aircraft on SCPOA's common area airport, are now, by resolution,  required to provide  a copy of their aircraft liability insurance  certificate to SCPOA's management company.  As the common area airport belongs to ALL SCPOA members the board wanted to ensure that aircraft insurance is in effect.  Failure to provide it may affect your financial stability as a member if a 'deep pockets' lawsuit ever occurs.

Committee Blogs / SCPOA Calendar


Information regarding dates and times of board meetings, committee meetings and important dates can be found using the calendar.

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needs to remind all members that the only source for accurate and official information regarding SCPOA is found on this website or in SCPOA's newsletters.  No other publication has SCPOA's express permission to report on SCPOA business or activities and as such should not be relied on for being factual. accurate, or unbiased.

SCPOA + MosquitoFSC Chipper Program

SCPOA's commitment to helping Swansboro become a fire safe community is beginning now.  As a Swansboro resident SCPOA and the Mosquito Fire Safe Council are offering you a 'no cost to you' chipping program.   The request form can be downloaded by clicking the file link below.  Please read the entire form, which can be filled out online, and submit it to the email address located at the bottom of the form.  Important note:  Chipping will be done by SCPOA's maintenance workers.  They will have final determination as to what they will or will not chip.  They will also chip back onto your property so ensure a clear area is available.  As a reminder your time spent to prepare a defensible space,  as well as the SCPOA maintenance team's time,  is an 'in kind' participation and counts towards the grant received from the US Forest Service.  Please download your tracking sheet by clicking HERE.  Additional program information can be found HERE.

PLEASE NOTE:  SCPOA's maintenance has requested, as of May 18, 2019 that they will only be able to remove wood that has already been chipped.  So, if you have a pile of wood chips you need removed please contact them at the maintenance shop, 530-344-0498.

Just A few reasons why Swansboro is the best!

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